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Mission, vision and values

Boutique Alowa Apparel à Boisbriand


At Alowa Apparel, our mission is to promote a world where every woman can find her place, in inclusion and caring. Alowa Apparel is much more than a sportswear brand; it is a community of inspiring women who share the desire to promote healthy lifestyles, in solidarity and mutual aid.


We are a team of heart and passion and we believe that the most important is in the small details. Whether it's making sketches, making orders or our customer service, our work is always done with meticulousness and a lot of love. This is reflected in the quality of our clothes and the uniqueness of our collections.



It is important to us to provide a stimulating and healthy environment, where each person can reach their full potential. We attach great importance to the notion of respect at Alowa Apparel, as well as to our other values ​​that we consider essential:


Our vision of a world where life is good leaves room for inclusion, thus promoting a world where the uniqueness of everyone knows how to find their place. Everyone deserves to feel included without constraints.


Our open-mindedness is manifested by our desire to unite and to be tolerant and benevolent in the face of difference, whatever it may be.


Our mentality is based on our desire to act with heart and passion in order to promote a real image that represents the reflection of our deepest convictions.


Our products are sold at a more than affordable price, reflecting our concern to promote the fairest possible access.