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Meet Meaghan Wright!

If you don’t know Alowa apparel that well you have to read this!!
I’m an Alowa girl since pretty much the beginning. I have to say this brand is much more than only clothes. It is a family of extraordinary girls who are trying to embrace their differences. We are a community!
Now let’s talk more deeply about the beginning of this Alowa family. It all started with a simply beautiful young woman who had a vision. Gayelle is the mother of this creation. She created in June 2020 a nice and practical sports apparel company. Then, a couple of girls joined her and some more. In December 2020, we all celebrated 6 month of us. Yes us! As I said, Alowa is much more than a brand. Gayelle succeeded in her way of uniting us. I feel and felt, since the beginning, like I’m an Alowa girl.  Like I’m a member of something growing days after days. I felt it at her first pop up shop, which she did a couple of them to get to know her costumers, I belonged there. We all do!
I am an Alowa girl and proud to be!


Meaghan Wright. 



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