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It’s already been a year and some peanuts since ALOWA brand started making us comfy. On the 22th of June 2020, a family as been launched. Slowly but surely, the founder started an ambassador program that makes some of us a part of an adventure. We promote a brand we just absolutely love. Couldn’t be happier!

On November 22, the brand organized it’s fist pop up shop. This event permitted ALOWA to be even more known. We bought clothes and , speaking for myself, I couldn’t take them of. How exactly does Gayelle do it. She’s making sports clothes so comfy you would literally go on and do a training every day every minutes. I personally discovered my all day everyday  outfit. They’re just so many ways to style them. I wear them to lounge around, to a cute dinner, to school (all the time).

Then December comes and it already have been 6 months. Half a year of pleasure. Half a year of creating a local wonderful business. At that point, Gayelle already had some pretty regular clients and some more where adding. To celebrate 6 months of joy we all, as a community, created a video to express our satisfaction.

I still remember the day of there first professional photoshoot. It was in April 2021. The spring collection was colorful, bright and original. Yellow, black, pink, purple. Name it! ALOWA even launched the Makai Swimsuit. PSTTTT, it’s sustainable. Yep, you read right.

On June 22 2021, It’s been a year. They celebrate it with a pop up shop. And then, a couple of weeks later, We marked history he he! 1000$ has been donated to breast cancer foundation. Since then, Gayelle and her team created GET FIT WITH ALOWA!! THAT WAS INSANE RIGHT!! You could go train for free outside while taking fresh air and of course making new friends. Everybody has to admit this was a really nice idea ya know.

Oh and last thing!! On October 2021 we arrived. The blog GANG now get ready because we are going to make it an event. Stay tune to every blog we make, it will be bold, and different. It will be perfect the way it is.

See you all soon!



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