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Activate Your Soul

While trying to find ways to incorporate healthy living habits or simply to find ways to enjoy some time by ourselves, we sometimes neglect the positive effects of physical activities. Now, do not get me wrong: We are not simply mentioning the addition of workouts or intense activities. Most active habits can be done at any time, at any place, and can be modified to your specific needs and habits.

As I did for my last blog, I questioned my Instagram followers about their active habits. Approximately 67% of them confirmed that they were able to incorporate some physical activities into their daily schedules, which is already great! In today’s blog, I will enumerate a few ideas, some from my followers and some from myself, that may help you add some movement to your daily routine.

  • Go for a walk

  • Simple enough, right? A short 15-minute walk can change your entire day’s mood! Allow yourself to take a moment to replenish and inhale the fresh air. Taking walks, whether it is once a week or a couple of times, a 15-minute walk or a 1-hour one, every moment counts! You do not enjoy walking alone? Grab a friend, a family member or your dog and head outside for a good stroll! 

  • Stretch it out

  • Do not feel like walking outside, as it has become too cold and too dark for your liking? No problem! Simple stretches or even yoga can be the added touch to your routine that helps revitalize your senses. Feel your inner strength by inhaling every move and exhaling all negativity. Added to this, stretching has a vast amount of options to choose from, whether it is to help with muscle soreness, anxiety, insomnia, indigestion, and more!

  • Do your chores

  • Yes, you read this correctly: Do your chores! Doing some simple household chores requires some physical movement and disassociates your thoughts from your current action. If you have staircases, that is even better! Incorporate some leg strength by moving around the house, on all levels, to finish your required chores. A two for one!


  • Play sports

  • If you are more of a sports adept, you can definitely add some sporting sessions to your daily routine. Whether it is at home by doing some basic practices and cardio exercises, or by going to your sport’s practices and games! Sports that require physical activity, such as hockey, dancing, soccer, and more, are great ways to get up and get going.

  • Work out

  • I could definitely not leave this option out, as this is my go-to: Fitness! If you are like me and enjoy hour-long sessions at the gym, this is a great way to get in shape while being out of the house. Not a fan of the gym ambiance? Many fitness coaches online offer short challenges that push your limits, while encouraging you to keep going and to have fun. Remember: Working out does not have to be a five times-a-week thing, you may as well do it once a week and feel fulfilled.

    For those of you who struggle with incorporating activities into your daily routine, I hope these ideas have inspired you to try something new! We are meant to search for our pleasure, but once we find it we are sure to achieve it.

    Stay true,

    Em xxx


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